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Mahbubnagar Tourism | Travel Guide, Best Attractions and Travel Guide

Mahbubnagar Tourism

Mahbubnagar is a district of Telangana; it is 122 km away from Kurnool, 105 km away from Hyderabad and 110 km away from Raichur. Mahbubnagar district was earlier called as Palamoor, the name was changed to Mahbubnagar in the year 1890.

Between the 14th and 16th centuries, the many wars were spotted in Mahbubnagar and surroundings. It was a judicious place for Chalukyas, Bahmanis, Vijayanagar rulers and Golconda nawabs. It is also a land of Samsthanas with Gadwal. Vanaparthy and Kolhapur regions successfully ruled for centuries.

Mahbubnagar Tourism

Two major rivers Krishna and Thungabhadra flow through Mahbubnagar. But this district is one of the poorest districts in India; it has witnessed mass migration of the people to the nearest city of Hyderabad.

Mahbubnagar has a good road and train transport connection from Hyderabad. It just takes 2 hours of time to reach Mahbubnagar from Hyderabad. There are frequent trains from Mahbubnagar to Hyderabad.

Mahbubnagar district has various tourist destinations like Alampur, Jurala Dam, Pillalamarri, Gadwal Fort, Koilkonda Fort, Kollapur, Somasila, etc. Most of the places can be visited in 1-2 days. So Mahbubnagar is an ideal weekend spot from Hyderabad.


  • Alampur is the tourist place in the newly formed Jogulamba Gadwal District. This place is famous for the temples of Navabrahma and Jogulamba devi. The famous Thungabadra river is on the left of the town and it is also a holy place where the holy rivers of Tungabhadra and Krishna meet which is calling as Dakshina Kasi.
  • When it comes to the history of Alampur, this place was ruled by Satavahanas and previously called Halamapuram, Alampuram. Years passed by and the name changed to Alampur.


Jurala Dam

  • This is the irrigation project on the river Krishna at Gadwal district. It is the 4534 meters length dam completed in the year of 1996. And it is the only Hydro Electricity project in Telangana which is helping many nearby places with all-time water flow.
  • In addition, a deer park is also available to visit for the tourist. It takes 15 km from gadwal town to visit Jurala Dam Project.



  • It is also one of the non-famous tourist places yet to be explored to see the magic of Mother Nature. However, this place includes the ultimate growth of the Banyan tree over the 4 acres of the land. We don’t even know the main trunk of the tree.
  • This tree has an age of approximately 400 years and one of the 3 banyan trees in India.


Gadwal Fort

  • Gadwal is famous for its historical places. Among the historical places, Gadwal fort is famous and well-known. It takes 78  km to reach the fort from Mahbubnagar. When it comes to the history of the Gadwal Fort, Peda Soma Bhupaludu built the fort during the 17th century.
  • The fort has the 32 feet canon brought by Peda Soma Bhupaludu on the event of defeating the Kurnool Nawabs. However, this canon is the biggest in the country which can be seen now at gadwal fort. Along with Gadwal Samstanam, there are other two samstanams namely Wanaparthy and Jatprole.


Koilkonda Fort

  • As said earlier Mahbubnagar has many historical places, Koilkonda fort is one among them. Usually, the fort is on the hilltop and we need to trek to reach the fort. The fort has 7 gates of entrances.
  • The fort was formerly a centre for Qutub sahi dynasty. So, this fort includes many historical structures to explore.

Mahbubnagar Tour


  • It takes 97 km to reach Kollapur from Mahbubnagar. This place is all about spiritually includes so many temples namely, Sangameshwara, Malleshwara temples and Madhava Swamy temples.
  • Somasila also has many areas to explore like local attractions, trekking..etc.

Jogulamba Gadwal

Best time to visit:

As Mahbubnagar is the drylands regions visiting this place in summer is not at all a good idea. Choose the season like rainy and winter which give a pleasant trip to travel. So, visit the above-stated places in between the months of October to March.


  • As Hyderabad is the capital and major city of Telangana which it takes 98 km to reach Mahabubnagar. Apart from Hyderabad Kurnool and Raichur also major cities which are about 108 km and 105 km respectively.
  • Train/ Bus/ Car are available from nearby major cities to this place.