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Lakaram lake – Timings, Attractions & Photos

Lakaram lake:

Lakaram lake is presenting mesmerizing scenic beauty and it is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Khammam. The most popular activity boating. Boating at Lakaram Lake is something interested in every visitor, irrespective of age.This lake is located nearly 4 km from Khammam bus stop.

lakaram lake
lakaram lake

Special story on  Lake:

Before 15 years, it was just a lake with waste trees but today it has a park adjoining it named lakaram lake view and boating making a beautiful park.  This lake was constructed in the 10th century and is growing into a tourist spot.

Best visiting time:

The best time to visit  Lake is during the monsoon and winter season.In rainy season lake is filled with water and the surrounding area also sees more of freshly grown flora. Boating along with motor boats.

Storage capacity:

This lake is spread over 180 acres, drastically reduced due to encroachments and lack of proper maintenance of water body in the past.

Nearest visiting  places:

Khammam Tank Bund(Lakaram Park):

The newly constructed tank bund along the renovated lake in the heart of the town has been drawing huge crowds even before its inauguration scheduled for February. Thanks to the rejuvenation of the lakaram tank under mission kakatiya. the water body has sprung back to life after remaining neglected for decades. the 5 km run would be jointly conducted by the Telugu Association of North America, the Puvada foundation and the movie artist association sources said.

Lakaram park images:

How to reach :

This lake is located around 4km from Khammam bus stop.  The number of autos is available to reach Lakaram Lake from Khammam bus stop.