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How to Apply for Ration Card in Telangana

How to apply for Ration Card in Telangana

Ration card is very important for every person in India which is provided by the state government. Ration card is not only to get the food grains through the fair price but also a person’s nation can be identified. Now the new formed Telangana is providing the Ration card through the digital mode. Ration card is important as it is treated as address proof. Our government provides so many facilities like monthly subsidy rice, grains, fuel, sugar, etc… Telangana Meeseva has provided the online application form in pdf. By the help of ration card, we can also get the birth and death certificates. It can also be used for obtaining other documents like passport, driving license etc. So follow up to know How to Apply for Ration Card in Telangana.

How to apply ration card in Telangana

Three different types of ration card:

  1. APL(Above Poverty Level)
  2. BPL(Below Poverty Level)
  3. AYY(Antyodaya Card)


Procedure for applying for Ration Card In Telangana is given below. Follow the procedure step by step.

  • Go to the official website of meeseva.gov.in. There you can see two options displays on the below-given page. One for the Andhra Pradesh and second for the Telangana state.
  • Choose the second option. When you click on it you will get a page mee seva Government of Telangana LOgin Page.
  • There at the left side by scrolling down, you can see “QUICK LINKS” in that click on the “Mee Seva Services Forms”.
  • You get a page of the application forms.
  • In that choose the Civil Supplies and you will get no of different forms. Select the one you want and download the form.
  • After downloading take a print of it and fill all the details in that form.
  • Attach the documents required for it and visit the nearest meeseva centre for submitting the application with the prescribed fee. Don’t forget to take acknowledge slip form Meeseva centre. You can get your documents from meeseva centre after the prescribed period for issuing ration card.

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