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How to apply for Disability certificate in Jharkhand

How to apply for Disability certificate in Jharkhand

Disability certificate is essential for different purposes in Jharkhand. It is useful to avail the benefits in education, employment or various government schemes of Jharkhand that are applicable for disabled persons. Government is upgrading its accuracy and functionality in every field; the government expects that the rights and benefits available for the disabled persons have to be supplied to real disables. In order to get the real disables provisioned with the benefits of various government schemes of Jharkhand, the government had introduced the certification system. The malpractices will be eliminated with this system. Get down to the procedure of How to apply for Disability certificate in Jharkhand.

How to apply for Disability certificate in Jharkhand

The medical boards of the state or district level have the authority to issue the disability certificate. The certificate is valid for life long if it issues to the applicant whose age is above 18 years and if is issues to children then update it once in five years. The rules set by the Medical board, duly constituted by the Central and State government.

Procedure for How to apply for Disability certificate in Jharkhand

The following is the procedure to apply for disability certificate in Jharkhand

  • Camps will issue the disability certificate
  • Conducting Camps with other programmes such as rural development and poverty alleviation might be linked up
  • Specific time will give to issuing the disability certificate
  • There are difficulties in issuing the disability certificate for the persons with mental retardation due to non-availability of psychiatrist / clinical psychologist /paediatrician in the medical board

You can also apply through the following process

  • Visit the district’s government hospital
  • Fill the application form with all the accurate details
  • Take the medical certificates which are related to disability
  • Also, take the identity proof certificates along with you
  • The hospital will constitute a board of 3-4 hospitals related to disability
  • If the hospital board finds you disable the issues a certificate to you

Document proofs required:

The following are the document proofs requires for applying disability in Jharkhand

Certificates of

  • Residence
  • Age
  • Income or Proof of Below Poverty Line family
  • Incapacity or Disease – issued by the Civil Surgeon and Medical Superintendent of the Government Hospital.