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How to apply for a Death certificate online in Goa | Procedure

How to apply for a Death certificate online in Goa

A death certificate is an important document that proves the death of the person. This helps the Goa government to keep their data up to date. There are many reasons to have a death certificate of the deceased person. It acts as a proof for legal purposes. Goa government has made it easy to get a death certificate. So, follow up the below details for How to apply for a Death certificate online in Goa.

How to apply for a Death certificate online in Goa

It is important to prove the time and date of death of a person to establish the fact of death for relieving the individual from legal, social and official obligations to enable the disputes of property inheritance, and to authorities the family to collect insurance and other benefits.

Procedure for How to apply for a Death certificate online in Goa:

The following is the procedure to apply for a death certificate in Goa

  • Visit the official website https://egov.goa.nic.in/niceservices/Municipal/deathApplication.aspx
  • Fill all the details in the form completely without any errors
  • Click on the submit button to submit the form
  • You will be provided an acknowledgment receipt that has the delivery date of a death certificate on it
  • The applicant will also get an application number to track the details of the application
  • After the verification of the details by the officials, a birth certificate will be issued

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Every death is to be reported and registered within 21 days at the place of its occurrence in the prescribed reporting forms. In following cases, persons are required to register
  • When the Death has taken place in a house then head of the house or nearest relative of the head of the house or oldest person in the family
  • When the Death had taken place outside the house
  • In a Hospital/Health Centre, Maternity Home or other like institutions: Medical Officer In charge or any officer authorized by him
  • When In a Jail: Jail In charge
  • In a Hospital, Dharamshala, Boarding House: Person Incharge
  • In a Moving Vehicle: Person In charge of the Vehicle
  • Found deserted in a public place: Headman of the Village/In charge of the local police station

Document proofs required:

  • Proof of the persons’ death
  • An Affidavit stating the time and death of the person
  • A ration card copy as identity proof
  • In Medico-legal cases: FIR, Postmortem report and Form-2 given by police authorities