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How to Apply For Ration Card Online in Jharkhand

Apply for Ration Card Online in Jharkhand :

Jharkhand government has launched facilities for E-Ration card.Ration card helps to get the benefits of the government schemes. It enables the citizens to get the necessary goods at subsidized rates. Ration card is a multi-purpose document; it is also accepted as identity proof and address proof at many places. Here is the procedure to apply for the ration card online in Jharkhand. You can apply in Ranchi, Lohardaga, Gumla, Simdega, Palamur, Latehar, Dumka etc.

apply ration card in jharkhand
apply for ration card in Jharkhand

Types of ration cards in Jharkhand:

Various ration cards available in the Jharkhand state are mentioned below:

  • Annapurna card: The Annapurna ration card is issued to the persons above 65 years age and doesn’t have any source of income
  • Above Poverty Line Card: The APL card or APL ration card is issued to the people who are above poverty line in Jharkhand state
  • Below Poverty Line Card: The BPL cards are provided to the below poverty line people in Jharkhand
  • AAY ration card: This is provided to the people of slum in urban and rural areas I Jharkhand

Procedure to apply for online Ration card in Jharkhand :

  • Go to the official website jharkhand.gov.in
  • Download the relevant application form from the three forms rural, urban and urban/rural.
  • You can also collect these forms from the nearest Food and Supply Office.
  • Attach all the necessary documents like residence proof, family photograph, the affidavit stating that you aren’t part have any other ration card.
  • Fill all the correct details without any mistakes.
  • Submit the form to the officials along with all the documents/certificates that you think is necessary for ration card.
  • You will be provided with an acknowledgment number with tracking number and expected delivery date of the card to the same office.
  • You can collect your ration card from there.

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