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Traces of Pandavas in Tutakalinganna Peta – Khammam District

traces of pandavas
Traces of Pandavas

Traces of Pandavas :

The traces of Pandavas were found in the forests of Tutaka Lingannapeta of Enkoor Mandal, Khammam District. The local people say that the Pandavas wandered near to Tutakalinganna Peta and kesupalli. They found  ditches on the places wherever Bhimudu, one of the Pandavas had stepped in. The villagers say that it is an amaze to find water in one of the pits, in every season. In the same way, near the steps of Bhimudu, they find the marks of chariot’s wheels on the rocks. Along with these they also found marks of horse hooves.

pandavas in tl peta
    Tutakalinganna Peta

Villagers also say that Bhimudu came to this forest. At the time of Vanabhojanalu, people worship the five rocks in the forest which are considered as the Pandavas, White rock in a weird shape is present over there. Villagers are expecting the archeologists to excavate that place.

traces of pandavas

How To Reach Tutakalinganna Peta :

Tutakalinganna Peta Village Located in Enkoor Mandal, Khammam District.Tutakalinganna Peta 50kms From Khammam.There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Enkoor.

Bus Station(s): Enkoor