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Thousand Pillar Temple – History,Temple Timings & Images


Thousand pillar temple is also known as rudrashwara Swamy temple. It is one of the oldest temple is a historic Hindu temple located 1.5 km from hanmakonda.  The main three deities are Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Surya. The thousand pillar temple is a very popular pilgrimage centre in hanmakonda in the part of Warangal. The temple under the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.

thousand pillar temple warangal
Thousand pillar temple Warangal

History of Temple:  

This temple belongs to kakatiya rulers, had a special devotion of Lord Shiva so the main deity of this temple is Rudrashwara Swamy.  This temple is known by thousand pillar temple because the same constructed with the help of thousand pillars both small and big ones.  Thousand pillar temple stands majestically, creating a mesmerizing on every visitor.

Temple Architecture:

Built in the style of chalukyan architecture.  Temple construction period in between 1175-1324 C.E. by Rudra Deva.  The temple is a star-shaped architecture supported by richly curved out pillars.  The temple is built on the platform that has been raised to one-meter height from the ground.

Best visiting places near 1000 pillar temple:

  • Warangal Fort
  • Kush Mahal
  • Bhadrakali temple
  • Public garden
  • Pakhal Lake
  • Ramappa temple
  • Ramappa Lake
  • Laknavaram Lake
Festivals celebrated in the temple:

Various festivals are celebrated they are Maha Shivarathri,kunkuma Pooja, Kartika Pournami, Ugadi, Nagula Chavithi, Vinayaka chavithi and Telangana state festivals bhathukamma festival and Bonalu festivals also celebrated.

Darshan Timings:  

The temple opens from morning 5 AM tonight 9 PM.

Top hotels near  temple:

  • Vishnu hotel
  • Vishnu lodge
  • Sharnya hotel
1000 Pillar Temple images:

How to reach the temple:

The Thousand Pillar Temple with its ruins lies near the Hanamkonda- Highway in Telangana State, about 150 kilometres from Hyderabad city. There are many buses from all the major towns of Telangana to Hanamkonda bus stop or Warangal bus stop. From Hanamkonda bus stop, Thousand Pillar Temple is 1.5 km.TSRTC and Private buses connect with Hyderabad, Khammam and some other districts.