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Osman Sagar Lake : A Must Visit in Gandipet,Hyderabad

Osman Sagar Lake :

Osman Sagar Lake also is known as Gandipet lake is a man-made lake constructed over the river Musi.It is 22 km away from Nampally Railway station and 11 km away from Golconda Fort. The reservoir is of about 30 sq km.Osman Sagar is one of the most visited tourist places in Hyderabad.

gandipet lake osman sagar hyderabad
                                                   Gandipet lake Osman Sagar Hyderabad

History  of Osman Sagar :

Osman Sagar was built in the year 1920 to provide drinking water facility for Hyderabad. It also protects the city from floods.The Lake takes its name from the last Nizam of Hyderabad, Osman Ali Khan.The road along the reservoir provides the cool breeze and good views.

It is much like a picnic spot for Hyderabad people and expanded as public enjoyment spot with gardens and swimming pools.

Osman Sagar Park:

There are two parks located at the lake, one is at the entrance of the reservoir and the other is at the end of the reservoir road.There is no official boating facility available in the lake because this water is used for drinking. But coracles and small private boats run in the northern end of the park during peak monsoon season.

                       OSMAN SAGAR PARK

Osman Sagar Images:

Best Season to Visit: Post monsoon season

Gandipet Lake Timings:

Visiting Times: 9:30 AM to 6 PM

Transport: Bus/ cab/ auto

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