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Medak Church – Asia’s Largest Cathedral

Medak Church :

One of the world’s largest Cathedrals is located in Medak district of Telangana state in India. It was built for 10 long years i.e. from the year 1914 to 1924 under “Food for work”. This cathedral was an invention of Charles Walker Posnett, from the mission “English Wesleyan Methodist”. It was built near a mound that has been embattled in the Kakatiya times. Medhak Cathedral is a famous tourist place of Telangana State.

                                                                         Medak Church

History of Medak Church:

Medak Cathedral was built under the supervision of ReverendCharles Walker Posnett; he was driven by the motto ‘My best for my lord’. Posnett was among British soldiers at Trimullghery. Being unsatisfied with the army work, he introduced fort into villages and reached Medak in 1896. During those days there were only a few Christians residing in Medak district. Their only place of worship was a small tiled house. After some years Charles Posnett laid foundation For Medak church in Gulshanbad.

There was a drought in the period 1919 –1921; Posnett employed the people by giving the construction work of the church.The construction work was carried on for 10 years and was sanctified in the year 1924.There was a reunion of several Christian groups as Church of South India (CSI), and then this became Cathedral Church of the episcopate of Medak in October 1947.

Medak Church Architecture:

The church’s architecture is similar to Gothic Revival style. It can shelter about 5000 people at a time.The large pillars, pure white granite, decorative flooring, mosaic tiles imported from England, soundproof roof and bell tower of 175 feet height all these make the church look fascinating. The length of the church is 200 feet and the width is 100 feet.The soundproof roof is made of hollow sponge stuff and has a gorgeous curving style. The window portrays the birth scenes of Jesus, Mary, angels and astrologers.A painting of crucification is painted on the left side of the church. Ascension of Jesus is depicted brightly at the center. Every window is made of various bits of painted glass set into an enormous stone window.

How to Reach Medak Church:

  • Medak is 80 km away from Hyderabad, tourists can reach Medak and avail private to reach Cathedral.
  • There is no train station in Medak, Many buses ply from Hyderabad to MGBS to Medak every day.For every 20 mins from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm ply from Hyderabad to Medak.

Medak Church Timings:

The timings of Medak Church are as follows

  • 7 am for Sunday, morning service
  • 9:30 am for Sunday, general service

Medak church images :