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Kuntala Waterfalls: The Highest Waterfalls in Telangana

Kuntala Waterfalls:

Kuntala waterfalls are located in the mid of Sahyadri mountains close to a village Neredikonda in Adilabad district. It is 12 km away from Neredikonda, 43 km away from Nirmal, 58km away from Adilabad and 260 km away from Hyderabad. 

kuntala waterfalls
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Kuntala falls is the highest waterfall with a height of 200 feet in Telangana state.Kuntala falls were devised by River Kadam, it showers down through two steps from a stone platform. It is one of best outing spot from Hyderabad city. There is a road through which only motor vehicles can travel till the entry point of waterfalls, from there we have to trek down 400 steps to reach the bottom of the waterfalls. It is just 10-15 minutes to reach waterfalls from the entry point on foot.

History of Kuntala Jalapatham:

It is believed that Kuntala jalapatham got its name from the dearest wife of King Dushyanth, Shakuntala. They fell in love with each other and were charmed by the picturesque beauty of surroundings. It is also believed that Shakuntala uses to have a bath in the waterfall.

Best time to visit Kuntala Waterfalls :

The best seasons to visit Kuntala waterfalls is monsoon and post-monsoon. It is very dangerous to get into the water at the lowest point when the water flow is high due to sharp rocks and distorts. The inconstancy of water flow especially in the rainy season makes the place very dangerous. The water level is not much after January, so it is better not to visit it during Jan and July.

How To Reach Kuntala Falls :

Till the village Neredikonda public transport is available and from there we can hire private transport. Kuntala waterfall is a peaceful location with excellent views of nature surrounded by thick forest. Thick vegetation is along the road between Nerdikonda and Kuntala, that gives a wonderful driving experience. It is a very good location to spend a few hours. Nirmal and Adilabad are the base stations. Some shops are available that sell things like water etc.

Kuntala Waterfalls Accommodation:

Kuntala waterfalls accommodation: Tourists can stay at hotels available for accommodation in Nirmal town or Nizamabad town.

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Hotels Near Kuntala Waterfalls:

Hotels Near Kuntala Waterfalls: Haritha Hotel at Jannaram in Adilabad district is built in line with cultural aesthetics of the region and is a popular draw with tourists.