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Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

The kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary is the one the most visited tourist places in Telangana state. it is located in Bhadradri kothagudem district Telangana of India.

kinnerasani project
                                                                       Kinnerasani River

History Of  Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary 

Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary which is a part of the dandakarunya forest of tretayugam.the lord Rama was spent his expatriate days here. that places like parnasala,rekapally,dummugudem are hold in Hindu mythology.

The kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary derives its name from the river kinnerasani which cuts it into hillocks, valley and it has become a part of Telugu poetry and folk literature.

Local Information of Kinnerasani :

This sanctuary got its name after the river kinnerasani. This river divides the sanctuary and meets Godavari.the fauna founds in this sanctuary panthers, chinkara,cheetal, gaura, hyena,jackls, wild boars, tigers, sloth bear and also see the different number of birds like jungle fowl, quails, peafowl,nuktos, spoonbills etc.

kinnerasani wildfire
            Kinnerasani Wildlife

Weather And Climate Condition Of Wildlife Sanctuary :

The climate hot and dry except during the southwest monsoon. the weather is slightly harsh. Maximum and minimum temperature is 45 degree Celsius and 15 degree Celsius.

kinnerasani park
                                                 kinnerasani park

 Best Time To Visit Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary :

The best time to visit between June to October. After October winter season approaches, in this time wild animals take rest in their holes and dens.


Nearest airport: Hyderabad is the nearest airport to reach the kinnerasani.

Nearest railway station: Khammam railway station is nearest railway station to reach kinnerasani.

Road accessibility: Taxi services, TSRTC buses, private cabs are affordable charges are available to reach kinnerasani.