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How to apply for gas connection in Odisha | Procedure Steps

How to apply for gas connection in Odisha

Department of civil supply was a regulatory department. LPG means liquefied petroleum gas. A liquefied petroleum gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons; these gases are ambient at normal temperature. The weight of the gas is twice the weight of the air. It is transported in containers as in liquid form but is used as a gas. Since LPG is very environment-friendly therefore it has captured quite a market and has high rates as well. The Indian government has introduced schemes and has set criteria to provide subsidy on the cylinders for a household. In Odisha 12 subsidizes on cylinders per year. Balance cylinders applied by the customer are charged at the market rate. So, here is the procedure for How to apply for gas connection in Odisha

How to apply for gas connection in Odisha

As the companies are providing online LPG registration and booking, a customer in Odisha can book a cylinder or register for new LPG connection without needing to leave their home.

Procedure for How to apply for gas connection in Odisha:

The following is the procedure to get register for gas connection in Odisha

  • The customer should visit the website of the LPG provider, whichever the customer wishes to have and follow the instructions for a new connection.
  • LPG cylinders are provided by 3 government-owned and 1 private company, namely Indane Gas (IOC), HP Gas (HPCL), Bharat Gas (BPCL) and Super Gas. 
  • After getting themselves registered on the website, customers are required to fill the online form.
  • Customers can pay the Initial payment online and they will notify by email or SMS when they accept their application.

Documents required:

The following are the documents requires for applying new gas connection in Odisha

  • Identity proof of an applicant
  • Address proof of an applicant

The facility under the scheme:

In Odisha, the BPL families can avail new LPG connection without paying the security deposit of one cylinder (14.2 kg or 5 kg capacity, as the case may be) and one Pressure Regulator. However, the other expenses, given below, for a release of new LPG connections are to borne by the beneficiaries

Procedure for BPL cardholder to avail the connection:

  • The BPL cardholder can visit the nearest distributor and submit the prescribed declaration form along with a copy of the BPL Ration Card.
  • The RGGLV will retain a photocopy of the BPL ration card and stamp it as “verified with original” and would register his name as prospective LPG consumer under the scheme.
  • The RGGLV prepares a list of BPL ration cardholders (beneficiary) who have registered for the release of Security Deposit free connections and hand over to the concerned officer of the State Government – BDO/DSO/FDO etc., for authentication.
  • Based on the verification completion by the State Government, connections will release to authenticate beneficiaries, on completion of all requisite formalities for a release of new LPG connection.
  • BPL ration cardholder will release only deposit free Single Cylinder under the scheme. In case the BPL ration cardholder wants to avail second cylinder (DBC), it will release at the prevailing deposit.