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How to apply for death certificate online in Kerala

Apply for death certificate online in Kerala:

Do you want to apply for Death Certificate Online in Kerala? Kerala death certificate is an important identity document that must be obtained within the time period. Death registration is mandatory to get a death certificate in Kerala after Birth and Death Act 1969. It is essential to register death to prove the time and date of death, to establish the fact of death for relieving the individual from social, legal and official obligations, to enable settlement of property inheritance, and to authorize the family to collect insurance and other benefits. Report and register the death within the span of 21 days after the death of a person.

death certificate online in Kerala

Procedure to Apply for a death certificate:

SEVANA service helps to reach common people. Through this online application for registration of death in Kerala, individuals can now get the online certificate. Any of the registrar generals will authorize the document, chief registrar, registration divisions, district registrar, and registrars of a region or Kerala panchayat. The following is the procedure to obtain the death certificate online in Kerala.

  • Visit the website cr.lsgkerala.gov.in
  • Go to the documents which are on the right bottom of the page and click on the “Registration of Births and Deaths”
  • “Registration of births & deaths” page will open, click on the option “death report” to download the application form of the birth certificate
  • Enter all the details completely without any mistakes
  • Attach all the relevant documents to the application form
  • Submit the form along with the self-attested documents along with a stamp paper of Rs. 20/-

death certificate Kerala