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The History of Gadwal Fort in Mahabubnagar | Telangana

History of Gadwal Fort :

Gadwal fort is in Mahbubnagar Nagar district of Telangana State. It is 188 km away from Hyderabad, 78 km away from Mahbubnagar and 1 km away from Gadwal bus station.

gadwal fort
                                                                                                Gadwal fort

In the 17th century, Peda Soma Bhupaludu, who is the famous ruler of Gadwalanda strongman.The fort was built with huge walls and moats which made it a very strong fort and invulnerable.

chenna kesava swamy temple
                                                                             Chenna Kesava Swamy temple

The Gadwal fort has three temples named Sri Chennakesava Temple, Sri Venugopala Temple and Ramalayam. Chennakasavatemple is magnificent with large temple tower, stone mandapa and beautiful carvings. Sri Pedda Soma Bhupala defeated the Kurnool Nawab and brought 32 feet long Cannon which is the biggest cannon in the country and is still at the fort now.Gadwal popular for its silk sarees. The weavers are well known for weaving smallest Silk Saree that can be kept in the matchbox.


Currently, the Government of Telangana has taken measures to renovate the heritage of the Gadwal Fort and make it a major tourist destination of Telangana State. Now the part of fort houses the college of Maharani Adi Laxmi Devamma.

gadwal fort
                                                                                            Gadwal fort

How To Reach Gadwal Fort :

Transport: Bus/ cab