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Bhadrakali Temple Warangal | History,Timings,Darshan & photos

Bhadrakali Temple :

Bhadrakali temple is one of the oldest temples, Goddess Bhadrakali situated on a hilltop between two cities Warangal and hanmakonda, by the side of bhadrakali lake. Bhadrakali temple is a very popular pilgrimage centre in Warangal.

Bhadrakali Temple
Bhadrakali Temple

The architecture of temple: 

This temple is built in a chalukyan style. The exceptional features of goddess bhadrakali are the 2.7*2.7 metre square stone image with good-looking eyes and eight arms each carrying one weapon and are wearing an alluring crown.  A fierce lion, the sacred vehicle of the goddess is placed opposite to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.  Temple has a dwajasthabam and balipetam.

History of bhadrakali temple:   

This temple built in 625 AD  by the order of the king pulakeshi ii, of the chalukyan dynasty to commemorate his victory over vengi region.Kakatiya’s later adopted the temple and considered goddess bhadrakali as their “kuladevatha”. A lake was also built by Ganapathi deva adjacent to the temple.  Due to the fall of kakatiya dynasty to the Muslim rulers of Delhi, the temple lost its prominence, bhadrakali temple regained its magnetism after it was renovated in 1950’s by Sri Ganapathi Sastri and few other locals.

Other deities: there are many deities for Lord Shiva, Hanuman temple, Subramanya Swamy and navagrahas along with images of Uma Maheshwari image on the stone are placed.

Temple Timings:  

Temple opens from morning 5-30 am to afternoon 1 pm, and they again started from afternoon 3 pm tonight 8 pm.

How to Reach Temple:

Warangal has a good network of public transport. An auto or cab from the railway station will take 25 minutes to reach this temple. Warangal Bus Stand is also in proximity to this temple.

 Temple photos: