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How To Apply For Pradhan mantri awas yojana Scheme

Procedure to Apply for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Scheme:

The most precious project announced by pm Narendra Modi, that aim to the house for all by 2022.here we include beneficiaries, eligibility and procedure to apply.Pradhan Mantri awas Yojana scheme is also called housing for all. This was launched in the year of June 2015.we can apply for Here This scheme is come up with an aim to house for all by next 7 years that means it would succeed by next 2022.

Pradhan mantri awas yojana
                                   Pradhan Mantri awas yojana

Who are eligible for Pradhan Mantri awas yojana:

This scheme is especially for some groups those are:

  • Women’s, irrespective of cast and region
  • Economically weaker section of the society
  • Low-income groups
  • Medium income groups1(MIG1)
  • Medium income groups2(MIG2)
  • Scheduled tribes(ST)
  • Scheduled Castes(SC)

The government of India giving subsidy for people who want to build home for them and for their families. The subsidy amount will be ranging 1lak to 2.5laks 

Features for Pradhan Mantri awas yojana scheme:

  • The government provides a subsidy interest of 6.5% on housing avail to the beneficiaries for a period of 15 years from the start of the loan. The loan will be allocated to preferably women’s in the family members.
  • The government is provided a Pradhan Mantri awas Yojana scheme for especially women’s.so that it could be called pro-women scheme.
  • While allotting any housing loans to ground floors under Pradhan Mantri awas yojana preference will be given to differently-abled and older people
  • Constructions under Pradhan Mantri awas yojana will carry out technology that is eco-friendly.

Interest subsidy is given in Pradhan Mantri awas yojana scheme:

  • For EWS the interest will be 6.50% and loan amount providing is up to 6laks.
  • For LIG the interest will be 6.50% and loan amount providing is up to 6laks.
  • For MIG1 the interest will be 4.00% and loan amount providing is up to 9laks.
  • For MIG2 the interest will be 3.00% and loan amount providing is up to 12laks.
Key Features of Pradhan Mantri awas yojana scheme:
  1. An average of 1lak would be provided to all the beneficiaries of any group under this scheme.
  2. Through credit line subsidy scheme, a subsidy of 6.50% is given for people belongs to EWS and LOWER INCOME GROUP, 4.00% is given to MIG1 AND 3.00% is given to MIG2 groups.
  3. In addition to the above 1.5lak will be given to urban poor people, who want to build a new house in urban areas or for the renovation of their existing house.
  4. You can also avail this loan for building toilets in your existing home.

How to apply for Pradhan Mantri awas yojana online (housing for all by 2022)and application form:

Online application form For Pradhan Mantri awas yojana :

For making and increasing work easily from people who are applying under this scheme.The government has decided to take forms only in online process.so that people who are from urban areas can apply for a house in online mode. For applying online in urban poor people please click here form.

Pradhan Mantri awas yojan application form through CSC(common service center):

       Urban poor people can apply for Pradhan Mantri awas yojana in online mode through CSC which means common service center that is available in urban areas and also rural areas for delivering different government services to common people.

Here are some details of the how the online application form would work:
  • It has been announced that there are out of 2laks common service centers available in throughout India. A total of 60000 common service centers going through this scheme and they would be accepting online applications for this scheme
  • The online application form will start with e-KYC which means KNOW YOUR CLIENT.so all the forms will take verification before going to submission which is provided by the client.
  • For submitting the application in online it would cost 25rs per applicant. For this CSC will provide an acknowledgment slip which has a photograph of the applicant and a unique id on it.this unique id will helpful in the tracking of the application further.
  • As a line in every government scheme here also aadhar card is important and have to show in while applying process. If anyone does not have aadhar card, the CSC will help applicant to get one

How to find a common service center in your city(CSC):

Now it’s easy to find the nearest CSC in our city or village, just go to the link given link http://gis.csc.gov.in/locator/csc.aspx. Once opened this link you need to fill the details state Name, district name, block name in the given box, after entering these details just click on “search” button, you will get nearest common service center in your city or village.

How to search your name in this scheme portal:

After entering all the details and submitting all the documents, now you have to know whether you are eligible or not for this pradhan Mantri awas Yojana scheme, this will be notified from the bank that whether you are eligible or not. But there is another way to check that you are eligible or not that is just clicking on the official website which is http://pmaymis.gov.in/search_name.aspx. There is a list of beneficiaries available in that website. Now you can check the details here.

Pradhan mantri awas yojana toll-free numbers:
  • 800-11-6163
  • 1800-11-3388
  • 1800-11-3377
Other benefits and updates of the Pradhan Mantri awas yojana scheme:

Just the night before the new year, 2017 PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI addressed the entire nation about to modify the scheme called Pradhan Mantri awas yojana, to increase the sales of the real estate and to achieve house for all by 2022.government will extend interest subsidy to two new groups based on income criteria. However, Modi kept some details not clearly.

Now the scheme updated by giving subsidy to two new groups, it will increase the real estate growth in Indian economy.

The announcement made by the government:

The new announcement came out that it has been declared that people will annual income of 18laks will get cheaper rates for their new house purchase under two conditions:

  1. It should be the first home purchase.
  2. Loan taken out for house purchase must have repayment tenure of 20 years

                   After meeting this two conditions, the cost of the first house purchase will dip by cost INR 2.4 lakhs. At this movement, this scheme is only for having the annual income not more than 6laks.

Take a look:

                                           Old scheme                   new scheme

Annual income            INR 6lakhs (MAX)       INR18laks(MAX)

Loan tenure                        15years                         20years


The government has reduced GST rates go from 12% to 8% for all house buyers opting from the Pradhan Mantri awas Yojana scheme.