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How to apply for Gas connection online in Sikkim

Apply for Gas connection online in Sikkim:

The following states, how to apply for gas connection online in Delhi. LPG gas connection is an essential thing in the house. LPG means liquefied petroleum gas. A liquefied petroleum gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons; these gases are ambient at normal temperature. The weight of the gas is twice the weight of the air. It is transported in containers as in liquid form but is used as a gas. There are various LPG gas connection distributors in Sikkim like Indane, HP, etc. Some of the distributors offer a high range of gas connection. Here is the procedure to apply for LPG gas connection online in Sikkim.

apply for Gas connection online in Sikkim

Procedure to apply for gas connection:

The below are the guidelines for how to apply for gas connection online in Sikkim

  • Go to the website MyLPG.in, you will get all the information about the new gas connection in that website.
  • You can also download the online application form from the website
  • Fill all the details in the form correctly without any mistakes
  • Attach all the relevant documents to the application form
  • You have to also submit the online KYC form along with the application form
  • The LPG gas connector will make a verification of the submitted application form and dedupe of KYC documents.
  • Waiting lists of all the customers will be created after the clearance of dedupe.
  • The waiting list will be released to the selected distributors after the successful verification of the documents submitted by the customers
  • Notification will be given by SMS and email to the concerned and the customer will be asked for payment of LPG connection
  • The payment can be done through online, if the customer is not having access to online payment then they can pay it in the concerned showroom
  • Once the payment is completed the customers can track the application process with their reference number
  • The LPG gas connection will reach the customers within a week.

gas connection

Procedure to LPG avail subsidy in Sikkim:

The subsidy of LPG will be transferred to the individuals SBI account if the bank account is linked to the Aadhar card. The facility of internet banking is a boon to today’s world; it enables to do all the activities related to banking according to our convenience. The following is the procedure to avail the LPG subsidy in Sikkim.

  • Go to the official website of SBI onlinesbi.com
  • Log in to your account with your login credentials
  • After logging go to ‘My accounts’ section
  • Next click on ‘Link your Aadhar number’, then after you have to enter the details
  • Give the details of your Aadhar number and bank account number that you are willing to link
  • Confirm it by checking your mobile number that is displayed next